Authentic Living in the New Paradigm

Here is an excellent link from Denise Le Fay’s “Transitions” blog:

I have been getting a very strong feeling that the gap between those who are ready to grow and step up to the next level and those who will not be joining this movement, is going to grow this year. Some will leave their bodies completely. The most important thing about that is to release any judgement about what we (our lower human selves with limited perception a lot of the time) think should or should not be happening for an individual at any point in time. There is a much bigger picture. I always encourage others, lovingly as possible, inviting those around me to embrace change but ultimately it is up to the individual to decide what is appropriate for them. What resonates. It’s all about vibration.

If you look at it from a much wider view point, all colours of the spectrum must exist in order to make up the whole. Some things just need to vibrate at a lower oscillation frequency right now, which might change tomorrow. Any attachment we may have is our own attachment. Nothing can be forced. This year, in particular, is about the opposite – letting go. And acceptance of everything that is as it is in the moment. It doesn’t mean we cannot imagine a more expansive possibility for someone or the planet. Intention without attachment is key. Plan and be willing to let go of the plan all at the same time. Feel the goodness of the plan, the journey and the outcome working nicely and then allow for the complexity of the Universal plan to co-create in with that…

Anyway, as a Lightworker I understand that isolation is sometimes neccessary, particularly in preparation for the most amazing new developments being formulated in the background, before manifesting into the more physical realms. However, much is going on in the background. So the theory is, bide your time if you are waiting for things to happen. Patience, unattachment, grace, unconditional observation through love. These are very new clothes for some. When you’re in the thick of it, feeling the planetary purge symptoms, its easy to forget this. I’m listening to this as if it’s someone else’s blog. Well perhaps some wise words from Spirit:))

Stay in love, grounded, open and true.

Love from the OneHeart, Annabella x


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  1. Hi Annabella,

    i followed you blog link from Denise’s website, which I follow like a lifeline. I really resonate with your postings, as this is exactly ( and i mean exactly) what I have been concluding, after a painful surge during the last week of December. I like other lightworkers have done lot of transmuting last year and I truly feel that I am on my last stretch. And I want to make this last mile as neutral as possible. Do you know that “saakshi” implies neutral observation in hindi..:-). Thanks fro putting all this together coherently, for as I was feeling all those things, reading it coherently made it like a statement for me.

    Love and Light


    • Hi Saakshi, thanks for letting me know. So glad to help. I’m still learning all the technical stuff but could not wait another moment to get the blog going. Many are experiencing symptoms they don’t quite understand and practical tools are so good. I will be updating more on the Lightworker Hygiene page as I go. Please explain to me how does that work that you traced my blog through Denises website?
      Thanks for the feedback. Interesting about the meaning of the name Saakshi and neutral observation 🙂 Love Annabella x

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